Please keep Dj Wicked in your prayers

Wicked,we know your strong but faith and prayers always make things better

All your family and friends are here for support

We have faith.. we love you..we care

Thank you to Eric and Vinny

Thanks to Eric and Vinny

For being here when we needed you most

You give so much to keep the station going and we really appriciate it

You are always on top of the list. thanks guys

Our listener of the month is javier

Javier is the stations "Tan Boy"

Hey Tan Boy .. Tan boy....Hiiiii

Your songs go straight to the top as our way of saying thank you for your support

We want to congradulate Kari(dj widowmaker)and Ray on the birth of thier twin girls!!!

Renesmee Dawn and Bella Nicole Castellano were born March 18th at 12:30 weighing in at 6 and 7 pounds

Double Trouble!! We wish them happy, healthy lives

God Blessed you with 2 angels knowing they would be well cared for and loved

Your little family will enjoy years of adventures. Cherish them

1st -Dj Doors grandson Nicks birthday & Remembering Nikki (Dj Scorpions cousin)

4th - TxhrnToad1962 from Hit~n~split bowl also from 8 ballaz & Dj Wicked

Scorpian (aka DABRAT961) & Dj Widow Maker & Dj Zoo Angel

5th - Kam (Dj Zoo Angels Hubby) Birthday

6TH - Dj Doors Son mikes birthday

7th - Kcbud9 from Hit~n~split bowl

9th - dj doors grandsons Brad and John birthday

11th - Hitnsplit Bowl Anniversary

12th - moms passing

13th - Onebigman665 from Hit~n~split bowl

19th - Paula ..John from chats daughter

23rd - Dj Widow Maker and rays anniversary

30TH - ricky Castellano's (erics brother) birthday