There is no amount of words that would say what we are feeling in our hearts

But Wicked, we know its been a hard battle, and you have fought like a champ

All your family and friends have prayed that God keeps you strong

We have faith and know you can kick this in its ass

Remember what Roman told you..."Believe That"

Thank you to Eric and Vinny

The backbone of our station are Eric and Vinny

For that reason they are our listens of the year

They give so much to keep the station going and we really appriciate it

So your request will go straight to the top as a small form of thanks


Our listener of the month is MJ

MJ listens to us in our chat room and keeps the djs onm thier toes

She has been with us for a few years now

Thank you for your support MJ

Your songs go straight to the top as our way of saying thank you

5th - Lnlyp2 from Hit~n~split bowl

12th - Doors Grandson Zander and Nephew Carlos's Birthday

16th - Doors daughter Tomi Birthday

23RD - laileighanna's birthday (zoos daughter)

24th - raven Castellano's (erics brothers birthday)

31st - Tori