Keep fighting wicked and we will keep praying to God for fast healing

But Wicked,we know your strong and can beat this like Erics Exs

All your family and friends are here to support

We have faith.. we love you..we care

Remember what Roman told you...and always remember to believe that

Thank you to Eric and Vinny

This year starts 6 years for us and Eric and Vinny are the reason we are still here

For that reason they are our listeners of the year

They give so much to keep the station going and we really appriciate it

So your request are always are priority . thanks guys


Our special crazy listener this month is the one and only MJ

She has been with us for a few years now and makes our chat a special place to be

Thank you for your support MJ

Your songs go straight to the top as our way of saying thank you

3rd - Micheals Birthday (Mystics Brother)

17th - Rosa (wickeds mother in law) & when door and vinny met

11th - The Radio Stations's Birthday and Dj Door & Dj Mystic Angel's 6 year anniversary